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Coding Gym is a non-competitive programming lab format open to any language and developed for self-led improvement in technical and communication skills.Our manifesto:We help others practice programming, software development and communication skills by making coding laboratories open to any programming language where cooperation is valued over competition, doing and sharing are valued over teaching, and where competing solutions come with discussing and understanding tradeoffs.

Meet people

Work in pair.It’s not a contest.

Pick your language

Open to any programming language.Code and test directly on the browser.

Solve challenges

Solve 3 self-contained problems.Find, discuss and understand solutions.

How it works

  • Doors open

    People arrive and meet. The Coding Gym trainer gives them a warm welcome!

  • Begin Loop

  • Pairing off

    People pair off, agree on a programming language and seat side by side.

  • Hands on a challenge

    The attendees work in pair on a coding challenge: they can code and try solutions directly on the browser. In the meantime, the trainer peeks at what they are doing and gives hints if someone gets stuck.

  • 30 minutes…

  • The retrospective

    The trainer opens a discussion on the solutions found and some volounteers explain theirs. People scrutinize tradeoffs and decisions taken. Then, the trainer changes some constraints of the problem and people discuss about the implications.

  • Repeat 3 times!

  • The End!


Where you can attend Coding Gym


When you can attend Coding Gym

Sorry, there are currently no upcoming events scheduled.


Who makes Coding Gym

Marco Arena

Marco Arena

Coding Gym Founder, Trainer @Modena

Alessandro Pezzato

Alessandro Pezzato

Trainer @Padova

Roberto Peruzzo

Roberto Peruzzo

Trainer @Padova & Bassano Del Grappa

Stefano Luceri

Stefano Luceri

Trainer @Lecce

Luca Giovenzana

Luca Giovenzana

Trainer @Milan & Brianza

Become a trainer

Become a trainer

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