Coding Gym trademark policy and brand guidelines

We often receive enquiries from people wondering whether they can use our various logos and the words “Coding Gym” in a number of different places – on websites, social media, clothing, and so on.

We need to make sure that we protect the unique identity of Coding Gym (our “brand”), and to ensure that when people see the Coding Gym name or logo, they know it is being used for genuine Coding Gym activities.

Please help us to protect our intellectual property by following these rules and guidelines and only using approved brand assets from this page (any logos or imagery found elsewhere on the Internet are not authorised by us). Any use of our brand and visual identity must abide by the requirements and restrictions set out here.

The Coding Gym brand and logo are property of Marco Arena, and the Coding Gym trademark is registered at the European Union Intellectual Property Office.

Coding Gym events are promoted on a number of different websites and social media, however only those that are listed on this website (e.g. on this page) are approved by the Coding Gym organization. If you see an event, in any forms (e.g. websites, flyers, social media post), that shows the Coding Gym logo but it has not been published here, please reach out for reporting.

Coding Gym is not-for-profit and is intended for community and non-commercial activities. Associating Coding Gym with non-community events such as job fairs, recruiting days, internal/private events, commercial conferences, and so on, is generally not permitted and, in exceptional circumstances, must be explicitly authorized in writing by Marco Arena.

On the other hand, companies can support Coding Gym events. In this case, companies commit to hosting Coding Gym events or to paying the venue hosting Coding Gym events without any expectations. This means, Coding Gym organizers are not authorized to provide something in return, such as attendees contacts, advertisment, job offers promotion, and so on.

Supporters must be explicitly mentioned, in fact all original Coding Gym events must show this footnote, either in Italian:

Coding Gym è stato ideato, sviluppato e diretto da Marco Arena dal 2016.
Coding Gym $NameOfTheLocation è organizzato e moderato da $ListOfTrainers.


Coding Gym $NameOfTheLocation è ospitato gratuitamente da $NameOfTheHost [e supportato da $ListOfSupporters]

or in English:

Coding Gym has been created, developed and directed by Marco Arena since 2016.
Coding Gym $NameOfTheLocation is organized and facilitated by $ListOfTrainers.


Coding Gym $NameOfTheLocation is hosted for free by $NameOfTheHost [and supported by $ListOfSupporters]

If you spot any Coding Gym events not showing this statement, please report that to us.

Coding Gym trainers are authorized to create and facilitate official Coding Gym events. For this reason, they are authorized to use the Coding Gym logo for making official events, since they have been explained how to do it properly.

On the other hand, as a Coding Gym community member, you may wish to use the Coding Gym logo to promote official Coding Gym activities or contents. You are welcome to do it, so we have prepared some guidelines that explain which kinds of use are acceptable and which are not.

We distinguish:

  1. The words “Coding Gym”

We will refer to this as the “Coding Gym Word Mark”;

  1. Logo

We will refer to this as the “Coding Gym Logo”.

We will refer to these marks together as the “Coding Gym Marks”.

When can I use the Coding Gym Marks?

You may only use the Coding Gym Marks:

  • (i) to refer or promote Coding Gym; or
  • (ii) to refer or promote approved Coding Gym events; or
  • (iii) to refer, promote or describe any materials available on this website.

If you use the Coding Gym logo in this way on a website or post, the logo must link to our website at

When can’t I use the Coding Gym Marks?

In any case, you may not:

  • (i) use the Coding Gym Marks as part of your company logo or product logo;
  • (ii) use the Coding Gym Marks as part of any e-commerce marketplace, social media account handle, icon or avatar;
  • (iii) use the Coding Gym Marks within paid search advertising;
  • (iv) use the Coding Gym Marks in a way that creates a false impression that your product or business is endorsed, sponsored by or associated with Coding Gym;
  • (v) manufacture, sell or give away any items of merchandise bearing the Coding Gym Marks, such as T-shirts, caps, pens, stickers, mugs, etc., unless you have a written permission by Marco Arena;
  • (vi) use the Coding Gym Marks in a way that shows Coding Gym in a false or derogatory light;
  • (vii) use the Coding Gym Marks in connection with fake or counterfeit products or events;
  • (viii) use a logo which is so similar to the Coding Gym Logo that it may confuse or mislead people into thinking that your business, products or services originate from or are associated with Coding Gym;
  • (ix) try to pass off your business, products or services as associated with Coding Gym.

Unless you have a written permission by Marco Arena, you are not authorized to use the Coding Gym Marks commercially, for naming or promoting any commercial events. For example, if you organize an event at a certain company, you can’t name it “Coding Gym” nor using the Coding Gym Marks unless you have a written permission by Marco Arena.

How can I mention Coding Gym on my website or post?

The community’s name is “Coding Gym”, however when referring to Coding Gym any of the following forms are accepted:

  • Coding Gym
  • CodingGym
  • coding gym
  • coding-gym
  • coding_gym

Other forms are considered typos and can’t refer to any Coding Gym contents (e.g. logo, website). For example, “CodeGym” is not acceptable.

Last update: 2023, April 11.